November 26, 2003

I'm back, and I quit.

Back from the road trip.. lots of stories, photos, and "things I have measured" coming up next week.

In other news, I decided that I'm going to quit smoking on Monday. I've been pondering the idea for a while, and while I'm reluctant to "publicly" commit to anything, I think it might help me to proclaim a goal. So you can all hold me to it. Other goals include: getting back into cross-country skiing, finding a job, and various multimedia projects that I've started or dreamed up.

And yes, I came up with most of this during the long hours in the car, miles from civilization. Coming back to Chicago last night was weird. Good, but I got so used to being in towns of less than 20,000 people that it was a bit of a shock. And where's all this cold weather everyone's talking about?

Zooming along I-40.

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November 16, 2003

Road trip!

What I have seen and/or done:

The world's first truck stop
Another Stonehenge-like thing
The Precious Moments Chapel
The world's largest totem pole

Camped in my friends' back yard (because I'm allergic to their cats)
The first Phillips 66 gas station
The leaning water tower
The western hemisphere's largest cross

The Cadillac Ranch
The total lunar eclipse, from white sand dunes in the desert, in the middle of a military missle range

The Very Large Array radio telescope

Driven up a mountain on a dirt road which boasted a sign reading "Travel Not Recommended." In the dark.
Ruins of old Spanish missions
Petrified Forest National Monument
The Bonneville Salt Flats
Zion National Park (again)

Twice driven roads that required turning around.. I need four-wheel drive next time
Lots of snow
Meteor Crater (not worth $12!)
The Great Salt Lake
Nearly saw the world's largest open pit mine..but they weren't letting visitors in this time of year
Held $2000 worth of camera equipment out the window while driving 70mph.

The redwoods of northern California
Met a guy who was one month into biking from Washington to Florida
California state route 1. What a blast! My engine has never spent more much-needed time above 4000 rpm.
The world's only drive-through tree
San Francisco
Seen Elk, mule deer, and bison. Heard coyotes and owls.

More stuff that I'm probably forgetting.. I'll do a better job when I get home!

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November 02, 2003


Did you think I shaved the beard just for fun? Sometimes a good costume demands sacrifice.

Posted at November 2, 2003 11:26 PM, Categories: Beardcore

Beardcore any more?

The beard had to go once again.. but it will be back promptly, not to worry. I can't get over how weird I think I look without a beard. I don't necessarily want to be a beard person forever, but my face looks weird and shapeless without some significant facial hair. And, of course, I can't stand shaving.

The New England trip was good, though a bit challenging. Too many miles, too much rain, too few campgrounds that were still open. I only ended up camping twice: once it was snowing and got down to 34 degrees during the night, and other time it was pooring rain and the nearby river reached flood levels. I didn't get very many photos but I'll put what I have up on POTD.

Now it's off to the southwest for a few weeks, then back to looking for a job. I wish I could retire right now, or start my own company at least.

Posted at November 2, 2003 11:49 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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