July 28, 2003

Can't sleep..

I can't sleep. It took me a while to figure out why: I've slept about 24 hours this weekend. I got home from the road trip at about 10:30 on Friday night, unloaded the car (big thanks to Stephen for helping), then stayed up until 2am showering and settling down after a 14-hour drive across four states. I then slept for 11 hours, woke up, and didn't do a damn thing. I was tired again at 9pm, after only having been awake for eight hours, but managed to stay up until midnight by watching Brazil on DVD (thanks to Mike). I then slept thirteen hours, woke up, and again didn't do a damn thing. I guess I needed it, after two weeks of always doing something (driving, eating, hiking, setting up camp, making food, tearing down camp..), but I wish I had more to show for my weekend than more TV than I've watched all year and a huge pile of gear in my living room.

Trip info and photos as soon as possible. It's good to be back.

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July 11, 2003

One pure thought?

So I've been scarfing down episodes of This American Life to listen to on the road trip. I'm recording six at a time using Audio Hijack, normalizing them and creating MP3s. As Stephen rightly pointed out it's become a bit of an obsession. The more story synopses I read the less selective I become. This morning I double-checked to make sure I had found all of the stories by Scott Carrier, my new personal hero. Then I searched on google and found that he has audio stories posted on other websites too..I'll never keep up. This is a nice little "letter": One Pure Thought

Yesterday I swiped the TAL episode called "Road Trip!" How appropriate right? The synopsis reads:

``With all the American movies and songs and books about the joy of the open road, it's hard for an American to just take a normal roadtrip without huge expectations. Host Ira Glass talks with a guy who hit the road after his mother's death, hoping for some experience that would change him, that would shed light on what just happened. This never happens to him, or to most of us. And yet, every Memorial Day we all head out on the roads. Hoping.''

A few years ago I went on a roadtrip with my girlfriend at the time. Our relationship was on its last legs but in my usual "observant yet clueless" way I didn't know it. One of our many differences was made clear one day as we stopped to look at this deep narrow canyon carved by the Colorado River: I took a look, enjoyed the view, and was ready to move on, but she wanted to sit and write and look for inspiration. It's not that I don't enjoy inspiration, but I guess it's not something I hunt for -- I just expect it to happen and I think that if I try too hard it will slip away. That should probably read "don't think" because like many things, I just don't think about it. Sometimes this is good but other times it harmful to me or to others.

That experience and the above quote makes me wonder if I'm looking for different (lesser?) things on a road trip than most other people are. I just look to have a good time, eat some hot dogs, take photos and see places I've never seen. Sometimes wonderful things happen, sometimes you get rained on for days on end. Last summer I took a road trip with my brothers and my sister-in-law. Despite a few little issues we got along great because we wanted to see similar sights, and we all had basically the same expectations of the trip. My lack of yearning for bigger meaning might come directly from my family...maybe we all have it figured out already. Who knows?

On the other hand, I'm going to spend some eight days driving myself across the plains states on this trip. If ever I was to get to know myself better, this will be the time.

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July 10, 2003

3d photos

Break out the 3d glasses kids! I've made my first 3d photo:

36 hours until I head out to overdose on grilled cheeses, suffer internet withdrawel, freeze at night and fry in the daytime, stop trimming the beard, start smelling bad, and take 3000 photos.

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July 08, 2003

Four days and counting..

LA was great: we ate lots of unhealthy food, saw two shows, saw a great movie, went to a cookout, and got lots of much-needed hang time. I would have had a celebrity sighting but I wasn't paying attention (crowded elevator), and apparently some woman was checking me out at the Bob Mould show but, again, not paying attention.

Those crazy kids of Saturday Looks Good To Me are on tour again. Bless their adorable big hearts.

I leave for Montana in less than four days. Many things to do yet:

  • Fix car speakers.
  • Find a way to mount my Palm pilot.
  • Get gear from Stephen.
  • Find a better way to make coffee while camping.
  • Finish investigating cool and kooky stuff to see in North Dakota and Montana.
  • Figure out a way to seal the doors with the cargo bag on top of my car.
  • Decide which tent(s) to take.
  • Pack.
  • Shop for groceries.
  • Laundry
  • Figure out where to put my video camera.
  • Find my other video camera battery.
  • Decide what types of slide film to buy.
  • Buy it.
  • Buy an infrared filter.
  • See if PhotoStitch can make panoramas using photos from the D100.
  • Investigate stereo photo mount for the SLRs or find a cheap stereo camera.
  • Get everything at work squared away.

And so much more..

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July 03, 2003

Today's fortune

"Your great attention to detail is borth a blessing and a curse." Posted at July 3, 2003 04:31 PM, Categories: Beardcore

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