April 30, 2003

New photos.

Finally got my pictures of The Aislers Set up, and I may have figured out how to get them to look passable on both Macs and PCs. If only our browsers all supported ICC profiles and we all used the same gamma, the world would be a bit more harmonious..

Picture Of The Day has been updated..that only took three hours last night. But I do it for you, gentle reader, and I'm not really complaining.

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April 29, 2003

Big Spoon

So many things I've wanted to write here but I never seem to find the time. I'll have to leave you with this brilliant insight that came to me this morning:

Cereal tastes better if you use a really big spoon.

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April 25, 2003


According to the Reader Andrew W.K. was in the Pterodactyls, meaning he is now the most famous person I've ever done sound for (back in 96 maybe?) Previously I think it was Brainiac, but I'll have to go back and check.

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Fortune cookie

Today's fortune cookie:

"When things get hectic, it is best to accentuate safety."

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April 23, 2003

Hammer Time

For some reason I have "Can't Touch This" stuck in my head. Probably because I've been struggling with intelligently editing diagrams in MS Word...quite possibly the most frustrating thing I've ever tried to do on a computer. And I've installed OpenBSD from scratch.

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Self portraits 2

Well, might as well continue on that theme. Took this after testing the new lens with a stuffed animal.

Damn that's sharp, and it wasn't even fully in focus (I put my head in the wrong place). My eyes look crooked.

I'm trying to get more comfortable with taking pictures of myself. I'm the only one who's always available to be photographed..

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April 22, 2003

Self portraits 1

Finally posted my first Mirror Project photo. Submitted one to Picture Yourself but it's not up yet.

Got my new eBay camera lens today. It's awesome but it weighs a ton.

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April 19, 2003


A couple of days ago I bought a nice big bag of nice big grapes and just now started eating them. Every single one is squishy on the end. What's this world coming to?

Ian invited me to this interesting site: Friendster. Once I determine whether or not they're really "Spamster" I'll invite each of you, but if you're willing to take the risk let me know and I'll link you. It has already shown me that if I were to move to Seattle I would fit right in with Ian's friends. Because many of them have beards.

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April 17, 2003

Mr. Wizard

A simple email to a friend got me thinking about "Mr. Wizard's World" -- that educational science program on Nickelodeon in the 80's. What I wondered was why it wasn't "Dr. Wizard." Surely a science show should be hosted by a PhD, right? While driving home I came up with two theories:

1) The host didn't have a PhD and didn't want to assume a fake title.

2) The producers wanted to make the show more accessible. Rather than having a stuffy scientist on the show, the host would be more like the nice old man down the street who is spending his golden years tinkering with gadgets. I imagined that this angle might have been a reaction to earlier science television for kids hosted by uptight bespeckled men in lab coats.

Based on my internet research so far, the first is true while the second was all in my imagination. Don Herbert didn't have a PhD (though UofM Dearborn did bestow upon him an honorary doctor of science degree in 1994), but came to children's television via radio.

As far as being a reaction to earlier science programs for kids, Mr. Wizard was one of the first. Back in the days before videotape he was doing a live show (also distributed on kinescope), and it appears that his neighborly demeanor was just that -- his own personality.

I guess this is all stemming from my resurging interest in contemporary American history. Every time I see a photo in a grocery store of that city in the 1950's it makes me want to go out and photograph random scenes of life in Chicago in the noughts then bury them in a ziploc bag for sometime to find at the turn of the next century.

Still, the format might have been a reaction to those high school science films.

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April 15, 2003

Route 66

Last summer my brothers, sister-in-law, and I took a road trip out west: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and Iowa. I love good road trip and this was the best one yet: great weather, great company, great adventures, and The New Roadside America (twelve new check marks in the index, including the world's only combined Catholic and Protestant church).

So I've been thinking about what I want to do this summer and whether or not I can come up with a good road trip plan. It might have to be a solo trip but I'm not afraid to give that a try. A little research yielded Roadsidepeek.com which whetted my appetite further, and looking into Route 66 revealed that it starts right here in Chicago. Sure, it's a shadow of its former self, but there are lots of pages by Route 66 explorers and I got the impression that there's still much to find.

I've often been inspired to take a day on the weekend to explore greater Chicagoland. There are lots of towns I've never been to, and I'm usually not disappointed when I take a new route to work. It was a simple choice to spend my Sunday driving as far as I could along Route 66..though I skipped the Chicago part and started around Joliet.

There's not much left of Route 66's former glory, but the 140 miles I drove are still very interesting. Lots of small towns, the Joliet prison, the Gemini Giant statue, two drive-in restaurants, and almost no fast food. Long portions of the road are stuck right between I-55 and and railroad tracks, but it's so satisfying to see the expressway disappear toward a big Amoco sign far outside of town while you are dumped right onto Main Street. It's facinating to contemplate what brought the railroad along this route (probably mines, forests, rivers or other natural resources), that the telegraph and telephone lines followed the railroad, the towns sprung up around the mines and the railroad, Route 66 connected them, and finally the interstate highway system just followed along the path that had already been blazed. For much of the distance Route 66 is two lanes but you can see where there used to be two more lanes just 40 feet over. I imagine that when I-55 was constructed, the roads that made up Route 66 were reduced back to two lanes to save maintainance costs.

For what it's worth, the historic route is marked very well and the road surface is in great shape (at least in Illinois). The only problem is that with no fast food restaurants, it's kind of hard to find a place to stop to use the bathroom.

Tree in a rock, along I-80
(though of course the railroad came first).

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April 12, 2003

New photos


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More protests..

Another protest today in Chicago. This time I was only one of about 10 photographers there, but I was still outgunned by the guy with two D1's. What am I going to photograph when this war is over? All along I've been about 60/40 against/for this war, but here's a sentiment I can get behind:

"Make out, not war."

Overall I'm rather disappointed with my photos (10 good ones out of 219)..I've got most of the technical parts of photography down, now I need to concentrate on predicting what is about to be a good photograph (so I have time to get ready), getting in the right place for the photo (which requires better predictions), and figuring out how to single out people from a crowd. Nothing's more boring than a photo of 30 protesters.. if you can single out one of them and get something good it will be much more satisfying:

Too much going on.

Nice and simple.

If I were to resolve this last issue with gear, it would require something like this. I'm working eBay pretty hard these days.

Today also marked the first sunburn of the year, and my first sunburn ever with the super-short hair. I'm going to get skin cancer simply because I'm forgetful.

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So, Evan is finally back online. He's already asking for an extra beard..

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April 08, 2003


Another day of dreary 30-degree weather, this before and after wonderful spring-like days. Gotta love the midwest.

I'm home sick today and between that and the weather, the only thing that has kept my spirits up is the fact that I was able to remember that dream long enough to write it down. Not that it was easy to complete a sentence at 5am after having just woken up -- I re-read and edited the thing 5 times while chuckling to myself in the dark before submitting it and crawling back into bed.

I just went to the store to get ice cream. It would appear that all of Chicago gets out of work at 4:30pm and drives around my neighborhood at high speed. I walked by a woman who I thought was going to say hello (it's hard to negotiate these things in oh-so-friendly Chicago) but instead she just grimaced and said, "Uh! That wretched pidgeon!"

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April 07, 2003

Fitness first!

I just woke up on my living room couch after falling asleep watching coverage of the second American invasion of central Baghdad. I had just finished a dream that went something like this:

I sat down in a restaurant alone and saw something written on the menu in that careful but quick script only women can write. After ignoring it and perusing the pancakes I realized that what was written included my name. It said,

"I'm in love with a high-priced lawyer, Randy, and I think I'll have a Sam Adams. If you think it can work you'll have a Heinecken now. When I'm walking home I see a thousand roofs that are the same, but it was on my roof that he took me and made me his. He had a look on his face that said, 'Fitness first!'"

To make things weirder, as I was waking up I swear someone on the TV said, "now that we know that Saddam Heussein is dead..." I watched for a few minutes but they never repeated it.

Now I'm not supposed to be the guy she's talking about in this dream, and this just makes it even more perplexing. But it's 5am, daylight savings time just started, there's a war on and I just slept four hours on the couch instead of my bed -- I don't really care to figure out the meaning because that phrase is good enough.

Fitness first!

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April 06, 2003

New photos up

New photos up:

Judah Johnson and Saturday Looks Good To Me at the Empty Bottle from Friday night.


Posted at April 6, 2003 11:02 PM, Categories: Beardcore

Happiness is..

Happiness is...

Two of your favorite bands come to town in the same weekend and you get there early and get right in front and take your earplugs out and get your cameras ready and almost forget to take pictures because they're so damn fun.

Saturday Looks Good To Me, April 4.

The Aislers set, April 5.

Both pics taken with my wonderful new Nikon D100.

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April 03, 2003


I did laundry last night and I swear my pants now smell like fruity pebbles.

Posted at April 3, 2003 09:38 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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