February 28, 2003

Product endorsements

Day Two of beardcore.com and it's already time for product endorsements.

While washing my water bottle this morning before work I was reminded of Evan's disparaging comments about me and my "baby Nalgene bottle." I couldn't convince him that they really are worthy of all the hype. I guess Evan's not one to take advice (or take my word for it), but sometimes a product just is better. My picks, based largely on my road trip last summer:

A Nalgene water bottle. They're indestructible, easy to clean, and most importantly they don't taste like plastic. The next best thing to have a glass of water with you on that hiking trail.

Patagonia long underwear is fantastic. I wear it every day in the winter, and I've started wearing some of their other gear in the summer. It's warm, thin, dries quickly and it doesn't hold your stink (hang it up overnight). My father has been an avid cross-country skier for as long as I can remember and we always got long underwear for Christmas. Well, make that every few years we got some because the stuff doesn't easily wear out. Best presents I ever got besides the PXL-2000.

If you have a camera, do yourself a huge favor and get a polarizing filter. Speaking of polarization, make sure your next sun glasses are polarized..fishermen all know how much better they are -- why don't you?

Posted at February 28, 2003 01:29 PM, Categories: Beardcore


I had high hopes for this stuff, Oscar-Mayar pre-cooked bacon. It's about as disappointing as bacon can be, all thin and tasteless. Still, bacon is bacon, and bad bacon is better than no bacon at all. In this way bacon is much like pizza. Bad pizza is still better than no bacon at all.

Posted at February 28, 2003 09:03 AM, Categories: Beardcore

February 27, 2003

Is this thing on?

"My bathroom sink smells kind of like a fish tank."

I thought that this morning while brushing my teeth and finally decided to start a weblog. These important thoughts must be shared with the world.

No, I'm not kidding.

Posted at February 27, 2003 12:06 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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