January 06, 2006

Haggling At The Grocery Store

For the first time ever (er.. that I can remember), I challenged the price that rang up at the supermarket. I swear those chips were 2 for $5, and after years of wondering whether Jewel was secretly screwing me on every order I decided to call them on it. Who knows how many wrong prices they get away with? When they say X for $Y, sometimes you don't need to buy the whole X quantity, but sometimes you do. Do you remember the prices (which are rarely shown on the products anymore) until you reach the checkout aisle?

So this time I challenged them. I'd just come from the chips aisle and I was pretty sure I was right. It took forever but the verdict finally came: I was wrong! Well, sort of. I went back and got a different brand (it was the multi-checkout do-it-yourself thing and the store was almost empty), and the price tag I looked at was in front of the brand I chose, but it was for the next brand over. If you read the whole label you would see that it specified Ruffles, not Lays. I don't think it was a tricky scheme on their part, but I'm not so sure I trust them yet.

The Ruffles suck, by the way. Too greasy. I'd been buying Jays lately until I got a bad bag in Michigan. You'd think they would have potato chip manufacturing, of all things, down to a science. How can two bags be so different? What's so hard about slice, cook, plop-on-gross-fake-flavor, repeat? I've started replacing some of my big-pile-of-chips-at-lunch with a big carrot, which is progress.

Maybe it's all the thrifty shopping I've been doing at Edgewater Produce, but I may be turning into a stingy old man who will ask for a rain check to save ten cents on raisins.

P.S. New POTD! Maybe this year the new year's resolution will stick!

Posted at January 6, 2006 04:34 PM, Categories: Food
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