December 20, 2005


I wear mostly dark clothes. Some may explain this by suggesting that I like to disappear in to the background. This may be true, but where I'm going is: I'm hard to see at night. This worries me when I'm walking somewhere, enough that I sometimes take my gloves off to ensure that at least some part of me isn't dark grey, dark blue, or black. I've honestly considered wearing reflectors! Instead I just assume that cars can't see me and I act accordingly.

So this evening I was walking out of my building's courtyard, pondering which of my neighbors didn't bother to make sure the door closed all the way, when I approached the front gate at the same time as someone from the other side. I thought she saw me, but I wasn't sure so I slowed down to avoid getting hit by the swinging wrought-iron. She probably didn't see me: before opening the gate she let out a loud BURP worthy of someone twice her size.

Moments like this are rather enjoyable. I think mortification is an important human emotion, and being on either side of a situation like this is better than feeling nothing or having an uneventful day. For me, at least, it always ends up being humorous. And it's good harmless fun: one person is embarrassed, the other is embarrassed for the first, each has a private chuckle, thinks no less of the other, and a few minutes later, everyone's forgotten about it.

Unless, of course, one of them starts writing about it on the internet.

Posted at December 20, 2005 07:20 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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