October 30, 2005

License Plates Ringers

I've long harbored ill feelings towards those little plastic things around peoples' license plates. 90% of them are simply advertisements for the dealer where the car was purchased and the brand of car, and both of these are already amply advertised on the car's rear end. I imagine this 90% are still there because the car owners are too lazy or don't care enough to remove them. It has occurred to me that maybe folks thinks their car looks tidier with a plate ringer, as if we aren't supposed to see the edges of the license plate. However, I can't accept the idea of a cummerbund for your automotive identification.

Labels on product bug me in general, and I haven't purchased a shirt with a brand name on the front in decades. Whoever came up with the idea of advertising one's own brand by printing the name across the front of their shirts was a genius, but I don't want to pay to be someone's walking billboard. I've even removed labels from clothing and bags, something that ends up being a lot more work than you would imagine.

Having said all that, I did see a car on my street yesterday that had a "Public Auction" license plate ringer. I have to admit that's pretty darn cool.

Posted at October 30, 2005 11:23 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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