September 18, 2005

Sleep schedule, easy access to entertainment

So, it's 5:55 AM on a Sunday morning and I'm awake. This is an early morning, but not entirely out of the ordinary. I started shifting my sleep schedule toward early-to-rise so I could be "up and at'em" for 9 AM appointments, but this is getting ridiculous. I didn't even go to bed very early last night, but sometimes six hours of sleep is enough for me.

In Now Playing news, I finally got back into Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, and it took this time (I started this book and got overwhelmed twice before. Now I've taken some notes on who's where and when, but soon gave up obsessing over details and have fallen back on the usual "reading along knowing I'm forgetting some of the smaller facts" mode), so I have another 800 pages to look forward to, plus the two subsequent books he's already finished. This is better than my discovery of the Northern Exposure DVDs, which abruptly end after Season 3. I've gotten so accustomed to being able to get whatever I want, free online or on DVD. In this day and age, it's a surprise when something is simply not available for purchase.

Posted at September 18, 2005 06:16 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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