April 16, 2005

Road trip time

It's almost road trip time again.. Cindy's car is still in California and she expects to be in Chicago this summer, and she doesn't really like the road trip, so I'm going to get it. This is kind of a bad time to go because work is so busy right now, but that also makes it a good time to get away and take a break. On the to-do list:

  • Take a look at Davis and Sacramento
  • See Yosemite and/or Death Valley again
  • Drive the western half of old Route 66
  • Get back in a week

I'd like to take on more, but this is only a 7-day trip. The only other goal I've added is to eat interesting food along the way. I always plan to find cool little shacks for lunch on road trips, but the middle of the day ends up being "get to the next destination quickly" time, so I eat Arby's instead. On this trip, however, I'm armed with a number of pages from Road Food and a bottle of Pepto.

Come to think of it, this brings me to another software rant. Why are there no good mapping programs on the Mac? I have the appropriately-named Route 66 USA and a compatible GPS unit, but this software doesn't allow easy importing of bookmarks. I want to be able to create a list of addresses (restaurants and weird places), import it, and see them on the map. Frustrating!

Posted at April 16, 2005 09:42 AM, Categories: Blog
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