March 07, 2005

Tax time

Phew! I just finished my first pass at my first year of tax preparation as a small business owner. It went pretty smoothly, both in terms of the data entry and such and in terms of the result (I owe nothing and I am getting back all of what was deducted last year).

TurboTax, though, is a real PITA when it comes to business assets. My taxes took all day because of the ridiculously slow process of entering every little business asset I purchased last year (cameras, lights, tools, etc.). There was no provision for simply importing a table of assets, perhaps to punish me for not using QuickBooks! I'm not actually sure that QuickBooks interfaces with TurboTax, but it's bound to be better than this crappy MYOB software I've been using. It's not entirely crappy, it's just old and outdated and not Mac-like. I should have spent the extra bucks...

Anyway, I've hopefully done everything right so I can now celebrate with some enchiladas.

Posted at March 7, 2005 06:52 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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