December 18, 2004

How many foreigners fought in Iraq?

I've been reading this series of articles by Evan Wright from the time he spent embedded with a platoon of the Marines First Reconnaissance Battalion. It's fascinating reading, both frightening and reassuring: some of the marines seem like kill-crazy wackos, some seem very intelligent and informed, many are all of these things. But I just read a statistic I've never heard:

Intelligence officers in the Marine First Division later estimate that between fifty and seventy-five percent of all enemy combatants in central Iraq were foreigners -- primarily young Palestinian men bearing Syrian or Egyptian passports.

What?! I had no idea! I'm having trouble finding stats like this elsewhere. All I hear about is how many of the current insurgents are foreigners, but the original "major combat operations"?

Posted at December 18, 2004 02:44 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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