December 17, 2004

Katsu Chicken

What's happening to me? The only thing I can think to write about is food. Besides the influence from Cindy's food adventure blog, it may be because my days are almost entirely comprised of photo editing, web site editing, video editing, sleeping and eating.

Anyway, I decided to try katsu chicken, probably the easiest of Asian meals I could attempt. Having more time at home and a growing interest in food, I've decided to try to pick up a few skills. Roasting chicken or baking tuna creations doesn't appeal to me too much (though I did make a decent meatloaf the other day), so I want to make some Chinese, Indian, and Hawaiian food. Turns out the Hawaiians use a different sauce on their katsu chicken than the Japanese do, but it was still pretty good:

My first real frying experience!

Katsu chicken with post-apocalyptic green beans.

Yes, the beans are disgusting. They've been in my freezer for years and I thought I would see if they were any good, and if not at least they would add some color to the plate. The food cooled a little as I took a couple dozen photos, trying to get the lighting just right. I've never really shot food before.

Posted at December 17, 2004 11:19 AM, Categories: Food
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