December 14, 2004


This is crazy.. someone must have lit a fire under Frito-Lay's butt, because they suddenly have all kinds of new Cheetos on the market:

Natural Cheetos

Baked Cheetos

Low-carb Cheetos

I can't find a link to the low-carb guys. What does it say that Frito-lay can't keep their website up to date with their products?

Anyway, I've tried the baked Cheetos (crunchy, of course), and today I couldn't help but buy the Natural Cheetos. They both tasted good, and pretty much like normal Cheetos. Check out that natural packaging though: it's all pastoral and healthy-looking, with an inviting half-shucked ear of corn at the bottom. And a cartoon cheetah sticking his tongue out while reaching for my wallet. Posted at December 14, 2004 01:40 PM, Categories: Food

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