April 29, 2004

W-ASH-ING, TON, baby, D.C!

I need to get back on the blog, don't I? I have no job, and despite the fact that I'm really busy for a good 10 hours (or more) every day, I should be able to find time for a blog, right? Besides, once I become a successful photojournalist, it would be nice to be able to look back at my struggling early years.

On Monday I received my first check for a photo assignment. The photos for Esquire will appear in the July issue, according to the email I got today from Scott. I have to say that I was really relieved when I met Scott -- I expected New York magazine people to have some weird attitude, but he was really nice. He reminded me of my friend Matt.

Last weekend, Cindy and I travelled to DC to march in/photograph the March For Women's Lives. 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave I decided to take my laptop apart -- I had hacked a USB/Bluetooth adaptor into my computer and I was suddenly convinced that it was going to look like a bomb to the security folks. So, while still dripping from my shower, I ripped it apart, removed the Bluetooth adaptor, put it back together, and found that I had one extra screw and the trackpad no longer worked. Not bad. I only made us 30 minutes late..again not bad.

When we got to the airport we somehow realized that flying into Dulles is a horrible idea. We booked the ticket specifying "any DC airport," yet Dulles is 20 miles out and not connected to the city by any public transportation. A guy sitting behind us said that a taxi is our best bet for about $55. So we hooked my cell phone (and a mouse, since the trackpad was broken) to my laptop and slowly managed to rent a car via orbitz.com. $40 for the weekend.

Besides the hotel being nowhere near the subway system, the rest of the weekend went well. Some decent meals, a couple of museums, free parking both times we drove into the center of DC, and wonderful weather.

The march was amazing. We could barely get out of the subway station. It wasn't until we made it to the opposite side of the National Mall that there was room to breath. If everyone there votes in November, things might start looking up around here. We split up, Cindy found her friend Eliz, I picked up my media pass, and the fun began. Photographically, it was a bust. I'm not really happy with anything I got, but this is the best one:

(more at pbase.com)

Waiting for our delayed flight:

Cindy studying at Dulles

Today I'm going to try to finish framing my photos for my upcoming Café Boost show. Also on the to do list: prepare a real photo portfolio, update my online portfolio, finish up my sample contracts and other legal forms, contact the Chicago Reader to see if they might want to use my photo story about Too Much Light, contact local weeklies about freelance assignments, and about 30 things I'm forgetting.

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