January 19, 2004

Blogs, photos, html = geek

I don't remember if I put a link to Jake's blog up here, but it's easier to insert another link than to search through my archives.

Today I realized that when I happen upon a stranger's blog, the only thing I want to see are pictures of their daily life. I don't have the patience to read a bunch of rambling from someone I don't know. So I've decided to post more photos here. You know, something from the archives. I recently started cataloging all of my digital and scanned photos. ALL of them. 13244 of them so far, 1998 through part of 2003. So we'll start with this one, from 1998:

Photo of me six years ago

Cindy and I were discussing HTML on the phone last night (yes we are that geeky from time to time) and it occurred to me that all of my HTML comes from 1997. I'm using 7-year-old tags that browsers still support because of outdated pages, not because people like me can't keep up with the technology. I think it was Evan that asked me if I will have trouble finding engineering work if I am away from the industry for a few years (pursuing photographic delusions of grandeur). Maybe I'll fall behind the times there too.. How weird would it be to have fallen behind at the age of, say, 31?

One last thing: I finally updated the script that creates this page so that the date changes only if the song has changed. That is, when iTunes is paused the page will not be updated. Crap, just noticed that I had the crontab entry commented out since Friday.

OK, move along.

Posted at January 19, 2004 10:03 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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