December 10, 2003

Quantifying my skills

I just signed up for the Illinois Skills Match Workforce Development System, a required part of collecting unemployment. My skills, all of them that I have found so far, are below. Prepare to be amazed that I'm not fully qualified for least according to their system.

Drivers Licenses and Endorsements

  • Normal (class d) drivers license.
Personal Computer Skills
  • Use AppleWorks
  • Use desktop publishing
  • Use Excel software
  • Use graphics software programs
  • Use internet to locate information
  • Use Microsoft Office software
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint software
  • Use Microsoft Word software
  • Use MS Works software
  • Use spreadsheet PC software
  • Use word processing software
  • Use Windows
  • Use Microsoft Outlook
  • Use Quicken software
Office and Physical Skills
  • Use personal computer
  • Typing speed
  • Pounds able to Lift
  • Hours Able to Stand or Walk
Technical Writers
  • Determine specifications
  • Review technical writing
  • Review, revise written materials
  • Use Framemaker
  • Write equipment manuals
  • Write operating procedures r maintenance instructions for users
  • Write software manuals
  • Write technical manuals
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture
  • Operate audio or visual equipment
  • Operate cameras
  • Set up cameras
  • Set up video taping equipment
  • View, evaluate, film or video tape
  • Operate taping and filming equipment
  • Adjust equipment or controls
Sound Engineering Technicians
  • Monitor signals
  • Operate sound mixing board
  • Record sessions
  • Regulate volume, or sound quality
  • Review or edit recordings
  • Set up or operate sound equipment
  • Set up, adjust, maintain or test recording equipment
  • Keep logs
  • Obtain, review tapes and records
  • Synchronize sound with pictures
Electronics Engineers, Except Computer
  • Develop operational, maintenance, or testing procedures
  • Analyze system requirements, capacity, cost and develop system plan
  • Design electronic components, products, or systems
  • Evaluate operational systems
  • Implement research methodology, and procedures to engineering projects
  • Provide technical assistance to field and laboratory staff
  • Understand transistor operation
  • Design embedded micro controller circuitry
  • Photograph in color or black and white
  • Set up and operate equipment
  • Take measurements
  • Photograph subjects
  • Photograph children
  • Photograph family portraits
  • Photograph news events
Architects, Except Landscape and Naval
  • Design and plan buildings
  • Operate Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software
Electrical Engineers
  • Collect, identify or analyze data
  • Design electrical instruments, equipment, products, or systems
  • Confer with engineers, or customers on projects or products
  • Direct or coordinate manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, or testing
  • Investigate customer complaints
  • Compile data and write reports for engineering studies or projects
  • Plan or implement research procedures for engineering projects
Film and Video Editors
  • Read books
  • Recommend deletions
  • Edit motion picture film, tape, video or soundtrack
  • Read screenplays
  • Read scripts

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