December 02, 2003

New photos

Today I finally updated Picture of the Day with a couple of months' worth of photos. Every one a gem.

I also uploaded all of the artsy photos from my most recent road trip. I'm hoping to put a page with stories, statistics (I know you're dying to know what mileage I got!), and additional photos. Percentage of photos on this page compared to the total number of photos taken? 4.5%

While rollerblading this afternoon I noticed a few things:

1. There are a lot more people out and about during the day than I expected. Who are these people?

2. Even more shocking was the number of people sitting in their cars, parked outside some building with the engine idling. The only conclusion I can draw is that they are waiting for someone inside..meaning there are still more people out and about than I'm seeing. And in pairs..who's earning the dough?

3. I'm highly suspicious of anyone doing anything during the middle of the day. Person sitting in their car? Suspicious. Someone in the alley with a wheelbarrow? Suspicious. Guy rollerblading around town looking at everyone? Suspicious.

Posted at December 2, 2003 04:16 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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