November 02, 2003

Beardcore any more?

The beard had to go once again.. but it will be back promptly, not to worry. I can't get over how weird I think I look without a beard. I don't necessarily want to be a beard person forever, but my face looks weird and shapeless without some significant facial hair. And, of course, I can't stand shaving.

The New England trip was good, though a bit challenging. Too many miles, too much rain, too few campgrounds that were still open. I only ended up camping twice: once it was snowing and got down to 34 degrees during the night, and other time it was pooring rain and the nearby river reached flood levels. I didn't get very many photos but I'll put what I have up on POTD.

Now it's off to the southwest for a few weeks, then back to looking for a job. I wish I could retire right now, or start my own company at least.

Posted at November 2, 2003 11:49 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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