June 05, 2003

"As you pull on your lover's hand.."

A bit short on the content lately, huh? I've been too busy this week. Actually, the days are pretty low-key and uneventful (spent on the tops of weird buildings around Vilnius with nothing to do) but I have no internet access, then the evenings are a flood of emails and conference calls before, during, and after a late dinner. If all goes well we'll be done tomorrow morning and I can get back to stressful work days in Chicago.

I've (still) been listening to the new Aislers Set album too much...every night as I go to bed. "Catherine Says" get better with each listen.. Those drums, those grinding guitars, that vibraphone (or whatever variation it is), the little bit where the vocals drop out of tune.. This is one of those few songs that give me that feeling in my stomach like when you see someone you have a crush on. Yes, I get crushes on songs.

Which brings me to today's other ponderous topic: as I was sitting on a stool on top of this rickety old apartment building waiting for the installation to finish, kinda bored, I was struck by another way to get bummed out while travelling: if I have an opportunity to call someone just because I have time to spare, I have nobody to call. Sure, I can call the parents or a friend but not anybody who's wishing they were here with me, or wishing I was there with them, or wishing the two of were together anywhere. It sucks to realize that you're far away from home and nobody misses you in that way.

I need to get back in the game this summer. I need to feel that way about something other than a pop song.

Posted at June 5, 2003 07:03 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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