June 01, 2003

5am in Eastern Europe.

Vilnius is very quiet in the early hours of the morning, and very bright. It's only dark from around 10pm until 4am, and it's 4:43 now. I finally went out for a night on the town and it went a few hours longer than I would have liked. Now that the sun is rising I want to get out and take some photos -- this is the only time I'll be up for sunrise here and there are lots of good pictures waiting to be taken when the light comes from the east.

Until today I've been rather disappointed with the photos I've taken. There are a few good ones here and there but by and large it's been a flop. This afternoon I decided to head out before dinner with only one lens and a couple of filters. The light was remarkable and I just took the opportunity to wander through streets I hadn't yet seen and capture everything I could. It was the most photographically productive thirty-two minutes of this trip.

I'm starting to feel tired so I'm going to head off to one of the "business rooms" (where there's decent internet access), upload this, check my email and head out. Before I fall asleep.

Shooting from the hip with autofocus can be heartbreaking..

Vilnius at 4:40am

Posted at June 1, 2003 05:06 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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