May 31, 2003

Why do I always look like a local?

Everywhere I go I get asked for directions. London, Paris, Syracuse, San Francisco, Vilnius.. Being mistaken for someone who knows where they're going is kind of comforting when you're away from home, and it demonstrates that my technique for avoiding a mugging (pretend to know where I'm going) is effective.

Tonight I separated from my dinner group to head back to the hotel early. Thirty seconds later I realized that I knew the way back to the hotel, but last night's hotel. I had to move to a new one today. I had a nice twenty-minute walk through Old Town, and somewhere along the way two women asked me for directions (in Russian I think). Once we got figured out that we all spoke English, they admitted that they live there but couldn't find the club they were seeking. I suggested a street where all the bars seemed to be and asked them for directions to my hotel. They weren't much help I'm afraid.

Got a decent photo along the way:

Posted at May 31, 2003 12:31 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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