May 05, 2003

Postal service

Trying to catch up on things I meant to write weeks ago:

The Postal Service show was a total shocker: I had no idea how many fans they had. Around 10pm I showed up, late, assuming that the room would be half empty and I could saunter right up front to enjoy the music and take some pictures. Instead I found the show sold out (I've taken to always buying advanced tickets), Cex rocking a crowded house and nowhere to stand. Where did all of these people come from? Ben Gibbard's relative fame from Death Cab certainly helps, but why was the place half-full of drunken idiot screaming, "Postal Service RAAAAAAAWKS!"

These annoyances inspired my latest half-baked idea (see Half Bakery for more brilliant ideas): a pen to hold in all the non-drunks at a show. It looks like this:

And it works like this: everybody gets a token when they pay at the door or when their ticker is ripped. With this token they can get into the central "pen" (I envision something like a split-rail fence =) but they have to relinquish it upon entry. That is, they can enter only once. If they want to buy alcohol or use the bathroom, they cannot reenter the premium area. This shouldn't pose a problem to those that want to shut up and enjoy the show.

A possible modification to this scheme would be this: charge $6 extra for access to the premium area. This is something that, presumably, only true fans would be interested in (hopefully preventing the riff-raff from getting loaded before entering). For this $6 one gets access, one gets a free beer or drink, and $2 goes to the waitresses (who cannot sell booze inside the premium area).

I know it would never work but it's nice to dream.

By the way, Ben says that The Postal Service themselves had no idea that so many of their shows would sell out. Another tour soon.

Posted at May 5, 2003 10:17 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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