April 12, 2003

More protests..

Another protest today in Chicago. This time I was only one of about 10 photographers there, but I was still outgunned by the guy with two D1's. What am I going to photograph when this war is over? All along I've been about 60/40 against/for this war, but here's a sentiment I can get behind:

"Make out, not war."

Overall I'm rather disappointed with my photos (10 good ones out of 219)..I've got most of the technical parts of photography down, now I need to concentrate on predicting what is about to be a good photograph (so I have time to get ready), getting in the right place for the photo (which requires better predictions), and figuring out how to single out people from a crowd. Nothing's more boring than a photo of 30 protesters.. if you can single out one of them and get something good it will be much more satisfying:

Too much going on.

Nice and simple.

If I were to resolve this last issue with gear, it would require something like this. I'm working eBay pretty hard these days.

Today also marked the first sunburn of the year, and my first sunburn ever with the super-short hair. I'm going to get skin cancer simply because I'm forgetful.

Posted at April 12, 2003 06:44 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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