April 08, 2003


Another day of dreary 30-degree weather, this before and after wonderful spring-like days. Gotta love the midwest.

I'm home sick today and between that and the weather, the only thing that has kept my spirits up is the fact that I was able to remember that dream long enough to write it down. Not that it was easy to complete a sentence at 5am after having just woken up -- I re-read and edited the thing 5 times while chuckling to myself in the dark before submitting it and crawling back into bed.

I just went to the store to get ice cream. It would appear that all of Chicago gets out of work at 4:30pm and drives around my neighborhood at high speed. I walked by a woman who I thought was going to say hello (it's hard to negotiate these things in oh-so-friendly Chicago) but instead she just grimaced and said, "Uh! That wretched pidgeon!"

Posted at April 8, 2003 05:20 PM, Categories: Beardcore
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