March 09, 2003

Oh Chan how could you?

Just got back from seeing Cat Power (in this case Chan Marshall plus three others) for the first time. I wasn't as disappointed as I had expected to be. In her two-hour set there was a solid fourty-five minutes of real music. The rest was her pleading for a Scotch neat or muttering things or trying to figure out the mic stand or starting and stopping songs. She may have been drunk but at least she played for more than fifteen minutes.

Because I have to stay awake long enough to drink enough water to be properly hydrated again, I present some of the concerts that have exceeded my expectations:

- The first time I saw Bob Mould (St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit MI, 1996?). I had been waiting for years (I discovered Hüsker Dü right after Sugar's last tour) and while my expectations were high I was completely thrilled. Each show I've seen since has been good but nothing can top that first time. This was also the last time I saw a certain ex-girlfriend: we didn't even say hello and I regret that.

- The first time I saw Mouse on Mars (Clutch Cargo, Pontiac MI, 1997?). Not because it was magical, but because it was just the two of them twiddling dials and shaking their asses to their own music. Since then the shows have been a different format and while they have been good, it wasn't the same thing. Their twenty minute blissed-out encore with Sterelab was one of the happiest moments of my musical life.

- Auburn Lull and Mahogany at the Green Room, Ypsilanti MI. I'm not sure where I heard of them (probably on the My Bloody Valentine email list) but I went to the show having not heard any of their music. Both bands blew me away. Best unexpected concert ever.

- Sleater-Kinney (Zoot's, Detroit MI, 1996?). They were on their way to becoming huge and I felt lucky to see them in what was effectively a large living room.

- The Lonesome Organist (Empty Bottle twice). Jeremy is just amazing.

- Lovesick (Fireside Bowl, Chicago, 2001?). I wasn't into their music that much but there's something about Fred that makes you feel like he's playing just for you. Musically I like Saturday Looks Good To Me better.

- The Parka Kings (Halfway Inn, Ann Arbor MI, many times). Nice guys, good music, and just so fun.

Posted at March 9, 2003 03:48 AM, Categories: Beardcore
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